Quick! Run through the list in your head. Can you name the different styles of black leather bags in the market today? Are you a self-confessed bag aficionado? But can’t distinguish between a tote and a clutch to save your life? Read on to get the 101 on some of the different style of bags available today.

1. HandBag or Purse

You cannot live without this. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a woman’s wardrobe that does not have this timeless piece. Handbags or purses are usually medium-sized to large bags that house the items that females need in the course of their everyday lives. Think hairbrush, wallet, cellphone, make-up, key, and other gadgets that we need to survive. Usually, handbags are bought based on its style quotient first with thoughts to its practicality second.

2. Tote Bag

Totes, on the other hand, are oversized (or mammoth-sized) bags with two straps for the woman who needs to carry all the contents of her house everywhere she goes. Tote bags are usually made of highly durable material such as nylon, canvas, or leather and are divided into multi-compartments. Perfect for the modern city girl (or even the beach babe!) who needs to carry everything in one place.

3. Clutch

For women who don’t need anything except their lipstick, keys, and credit card, the clutch is the way to go. Clutches are rectangular bags usually used for nights out or formal events. Usually long and small, they are often without handles. Raring to dance the night away with your girlfriends? Bring a clutch.

4. Messenger Bag

Messenger (or courier) bags just might be the bag that defines the general student population. Small enough to sling across your chest but roomy enough to bring your books, it is the bag of choice for students and messengers alike. Usually made out of synthetic materials, leather versions are also available.

5. Hobo Bag

With its crescent shape and slouchy posture, the hobo bag is very popular among celebrities and people who favor the bohemian chic trend. With many sizes and shapes to choose from, its one defining factor is that it makes a stylish statement despite being able to make room for all the things you need to bring throughout the day. Most people choose a more “structured” hobo bag for business and the more slouchy ones for casual looks.

Source by Dan Parkinson