A vanity bench typically costs at least $70 for a simple, steel frame and microfiber cushion. Granted, these are the best to look at, but they provide a place to sit while you put on makeup. The fancier styles, like a carved wood or Oxford style will cost at least $150. They’re a little bit nice looking, but ultimately, you are still getting the bare minimum when it comes to having a place to sit while at your vanity.

Typically, people will buy a complete vanity set in order to get them the cheapest. This is definitely an option, as you can get a Powell Furniture cherry finish vanity mirror and bench set for only $130. It’s a tiny piece of furniture, but it will look fantastic in any bedroom and provide you with a comfy place to sit while you get ready. Powell also makes an off white colored wood vanity set in the same style, and it is available for $130.

And while that is definitely something you can do, what if you don’t want to get a complete set? What if you already have a great looking vanity, and now all you need is a bench to go along with it? Those that like to constantly switch around the furniture in their home are in the same predicament.

In order to get a specific bench or stool without having to buy it in a set or pay a lot of money for it, you need to shop at a place that provides vanities for sale by themselves. These types of places sell sets, benches, and vanities of all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, people will buy a certain vanity but leave behind the bench. When this happens, the bench will get marked down, usually by almost 75%. You can essentially get a Sarantino style, which would normally cost $160, for $40.

You will be amazed at the chairs and benches that get left behind, waiting to be scooped up by someone for an amazing deal.

Source by Mark J Sinclair