Chains are series of connected links or rings that are usually made of metal and can be connected or fitted into one another. Each piece of the chain can have more than one link depending on its application. Some uses of chains can be for fastening, binding or supporting objects. The two most common styles of making chains are roller chains and those that are torus shaped. The style of the chain depends on the application of the chain. Torus shaped chains are very common in many applications. They can be used for hoisting, securing or supporting and have a very simple shape of rings that are connected to one another. This simple design gives these chains flexibility in two dimensions. Their simple design and flexibility allow them to be used for many tasks such as securing a bicycle

Roller chains are very common in bicycles. They are designed to transfer power in machines. Taking bicycle chains for example, they are designed to mesh with the teeth of the sprockets of the machine. Flexibility in these chains is also limited as they can only move in one direction. Some common applications of chains can be as key chains, snow chains and bicycle chains.

As stated earlier in this article, bicycle chains are roller chains. They transfer power from pedals to the drive-wheel that in turn propels the bicycle forward. These chains are normally made from plain carbon or an alloy of steel however some can be nickel-plated in order to prevent rust. These chains are also considered to be very energy efficient. Though many people may expect the efficiency to be greatly affected by the lubricant, a study that was conducted in a clean laboratory revealed that instead of lubricants, a larger sprocket would provide a more efficient drive. Also, the higher the tension in the chain, the more efficient it would be.

A key chain, as the name would suggest, is a chain that can be connected to the key. They can be made from metal or plastic and are connected to a key ring on one end and an item can be connected on the other end. The length of the chain that connects the item to the key ring determines how easy it is to use the key chain. Key chains are frequently used by people who need to carry a lot of keys or whose job requires frequent use of keys.

Snow chains are used to fit on tires of vehicles to provide traction when driving through snow. These chains only need to be attached to the drive wheels of a vehicle. They provide more stability when driving through snow and prevent accidents. However if not taken care of properly, they can easily wear out. When using these chains, one should ensure that the maximum speed limit of their vehicle is 50 km/h.

The uses of chains are unlimited. Some people can come up with their own creative ideas as to how they can use them. The invention of chains has definitely brought development in many areas.

Source by Amrit Pal