There are people who want to join in politics as early as when they are in high school. It is great training ground for the future politicians. Their governing skills, diplomacy, and honesty are tested during these times. That is why a school’s student council becomes a venue for students to develop their passion. In an election it is very important that the candidates become appealing and approachable, that is why campaigns are necessary. A lot of promotional activities are involved. We will share with you some ideas for a student council election including the use of promotional sweets!

Know your people, or make that know your fellow students. You’re running as a member or head of the student council to represent the students in the school’s main governing body. What is the use of doing so if you don’t even know them. Take some time interacting with them. Know their thoughts and wishes for the school. Is there something they would have wanted to change, things like that. You can also bring some promotional sweets with you when you go around the campus.

It is important that the students remember your name, otherwise how will they be able to vote you? Prepare some campaign and promotional materials like stickers, posters, bracelets, keychains, and promotional sweets. Give these campaign materials freely not as a bribe. You must give them whether you think the student will vote for you or not; and when you do – smile.

Create an achievable platform. Create of list of goals, things you want to do for the students and as a member of the student council. Always make sure that they are achievable and they are for the benefit of the students. Think of a tagline that embodies your platform or your goals for the students. You can have this tagline printed in your campaign materials. You may even have your promotional sweets reflect your tagline and identity.

Once you have identified your platform, know if by heart. As early as now you must develop ways to achieve it. Students will often ask you of why’s and how’s so you must always be prepared to answer. Carrying your campaign materials like promotional sweets is a good idea. But carrying your sincerity and intellect or wisdom is even better.

Source by Michael J. Parker