As I sit here and just ponder about how it hurts my heart to see women walk around with nice outfits on, flawless makeup, and great job, and man, but deep within, they still feel like something is missing. See, having all that, you would think that the woman had it going on when you are looking on the outside. But, oh when she goes home and have to face herself in the mirror, that woman staring back at her doesn’t look all that glamorous. I mean, I use to walk around with my hair done, nails and toes done, bad outfit on and I was making just a little money, so it appeared that I had it going on, well guess what; this was doing my time of brokenness and I was a hot raggedy mess!

This type of living for me when on for years and it spiraled out of control, I was so focused on not letting anyone see my pain that I masked it. Now, that was really dangerous because every time I felt a little bit sad, I went out and shopped, bought all kinds of things and stuff. Once I got home, now i was even more depressed because I was now trying to figure out, what and the he!! did I just spend $300 to $500 on this mess for. Notice that all this was materialistic items and that all of this was strictly trying to cover up all the pain that I felt inside. Newsflash, no amount of money, men, drugs, sex, or anything for that matter can make you love yourself and know yourself. So, keep reading because I want to share with you a few ways of how not knowing yourself will put you and so much danger.

3 Signs that you don’t know yourself…

Consistently needing approval from others. Now, this one is so dangerous because you don’t allow yourself to make any kind of decisions because you fear of what they will say. Or better yet, anytime you do a great job on something, instead of you patting yourself on the back, you don’t instead you wait and look for others to do so. Well, this right here can handicap you and paralyze you and keep you from ever stepping outside the box and take risks. See, you have to learn how to be your biggest fan and if others cheer you on, Great, but if not, you can do that for yourself.

You sleep with every man that tells you something sweet or give you money. I could go on and on about this one, but I won’t. I will share with you that doing this type of act, will only lead to one or two things; unwanted pregnancy, std, or more so than anything, low-self esteem. Every time, you allow a man up in your sanctuary without any commitments or marriage, you are looking for that man to rescue and save you from yourself. STOP, he’s not responsible for your happiness or to make you feel good about you. So, from this point on, deal with your issues and then you will be able to make wiser decisions.

You afraid to show all the great things that you are good at. You play yourself small because you lack the confidence to show the world what you’re really made of. You fear that people will think you are all that and stuck-up because you might outshine them. Or, you sometimes, stay at a lower paying job, out of fear of your naysayers. This right here is the quickest way for you to always be unhappy and not fulfilled within yourself. Stop worrying about what other people think because that is non of your business.

Source by LaTersa Blakely