Hi guys, thank you so much for watching my video. It was super fun making this because I did it all on my own. It was so much better doing a DIY vanity mirror with lights as oppose to shelling out hundreds of dollars. This is also a perfect idea for a fun project or maybe a birthday gift, wedding gift, or a just because gift. If you guys want more DIY videos or something different please let me know down below.

Inspo by/Credit to: Kimberlyn XO (i accidentally called her Kimberly at the beginning)

*There are other ways to wire this besides using an extension cord if you don’t feel comfortable using an extension cord. I filmed this video back in January and haven’t had any issues. I also make sure i keep it unplugged when I’m not using it. You can also install an on and off switch just make sure you know what you’re doing*

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Wood (the smooth wood I wanted was not in stock so I used a rougher wood which I can’t find on the site, but this is pretty close to the wood I used):

Measurements For a 30 in x 36 in Mirror :

(1) Big Piece: 36 in x 44.5 inch
(2) Long Side Piece: 4 in x 44.5 in
(2) Short Side Piece: 4 in x 37.5

Home Depot Mirror:
Lowes Mirror:

Light Bar( I got mine from Lowes but they no longer have it available but Home Depot has it):

6 Bulb 36 inch Light Bar from Home Depot:
6 Bulb 36 inch Light Bar from Lowes:
*as of May 18, 2020 its $28.64 on Home Depot and Lowe’s site so get yours while supplies last at this great price*
*make sure to price match, i got mine for $27 each instead of $36 each*

Wire Connectors:
E6000 Glue:

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