In this day and age, your home isn’t a place where you can feel safe and secure anymore. Every day, we hear news about breaking in, robbery, homicide, rape, kidnapping -all done within the victim’s supposedly safest place to be, his home. So if you think you don’t need to learn how to defend yourself, think again. Who knows who the next victim will be?

Owning a self defense device is practically a lifestyle. If you own one and know how to effectively utilize it, then your fear of being attacked will be considerably reduced. Pepper spray is one of the cheapest and easiest to conceal self defense products in the market today. You can place it in your pocket, your bag, while some are even used as key chains! The important thing is you have one in your home and in your pocket wherever you go. When sprayed onto your attacker, the pepper spray works to temporarily incapacitate him due to the pain and burning sensation he will definitely feel in his eyes, nose, and the rest of the affected area. It will even cause momentary blindness and restricted breathing. It will not cause lasting damage though.

However, in owning and carrying a pepper spray, precautions are to be taken for safety purposes. When storing it inside your house or apartment, you need to make sure that it is placed properly in the safest area possible where your kids won’t be able to discover it. You also need to check from time to time for leakages or ruptures in the canister. Accidental spills of small amounts even can still cause irritation and constrained breathing once inhaled. If this happens, don’t panic. If you have kids, their protection should be the first thing on your mind. Here’s what you need to do to get rid of pepper spray from your apartment air.

First, open all the windows and doors of your apartment so that the harmful substance in the spray will eventually go out along with the passing air. Then turn on all your ventilation system such as ceiling fans and air conditioners. Set it to the maximum level so that the smell will dissipate faster. Cover your mouth and nose with soft cloth while doing this. Remember that it would take some time before all the bad air passes so be patient. In the mean time, take care of the source (the pepper spray canister) to avoid further mishaps.

Once you are done with the neutralizing process, your next move is to apply good quality air freshener or deodorizer all throughout your apartment. This will remove the foul smell from residues of the bad air. Getting rid of the remaining substance in the air is important since these particles can still cause great harm to you and to your family.

To avoid instances like this, you need to make sure that you place your pepper spray canisters in a location where it cannot easily fall, break or be ruptured by some sharp object. Keep it locked in your cabinet or drawer if you won’t be using it yet. Don’t be a victim of your own carelessness.

Source by Annabelle Lehoux