No matter how well designed your bathroom or dressing area might be you will find a lighted magnifying mirror a very beneficial addition to the space. You have a variety of style options to select from making it easy to find one that looks well with your room design. And, there is such a diverse price range that anyone can afford to add this small luxury to their life.

A lighted vanity mirror can be very helpful when you are applying make-up. Many have a chrome finish that blends well with most bathroom decors. When not in use, it simply looks like an attractive part of your bathroom decor. If you like to decorate with something more unique than the standard round vanity mirror, you have other options. A Broadway style mirror would certainly be impressive sitting on top of your dressing table or bathroom counter. It has a black finish and an array of bulbs lined up on each side and across the top.

Sometimes your bathroom counter space may be severely limited. If so, a vanity style would be more of a nuisance than a helpful accessory. However, you can still include this convenient accessory in your bathroom by choosing a wall mount design. Magnifying types are very helpful when putting in contacts, applying make-up, or removing facial hair. Wall mount designs with extension arms are ideal in a bathroom with limited counter space. Some styles have two mirrors. A small magnifying mirror folds behind the larger one. Magnification levels vary from 1x to 10x. It is important to select a style that extends upward and sideways. You want to be able to obtain the view that is most useful to you. A lighted looking glass with a glare free incandescent light will eliminate shadows.

When shopping for wall mount designs, you will find the most common design to be circular. However, if you like to decorate with accessories that are more unique, there is a very attractive square edged wall mount mirror that would be a functional and impressive addition to your bathroom. Even though a wall mount model adjusts, you want to measure before attaching it to assure you place it at the most ideal height.

A lighted magnifying mirror can quickly become an accessory you never want to be without. Placing one on your vanity is a simple way to make mornings easier. You can apply makeup faster and check your overall facial appearance so that you can leave home confidently knowing you look your best.

Source by Allie Hall