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Product Description

PW1 – Stiff bristles. Best for fine or thin hair types. NOT recommended for sensitive scalps, or for dense or thick hair. CALCUTTA (CLC) – The Calcutta bristles are similar to the PW1, but are slightly longer and thicker. Works well for fine to medium hair types. NOT recommended for sensitive scalps, or for thick or dense hair. PLEASE NOTE – Boar bristles are NOT anti-static. They are similar in structure to human hair, and are not anti-static. To reduce static, spritz the brush with water, or apply a bit of leave-in conditioner to the hair.

A Tradition of Excellence

A Family Legacy
With more than 100 years of brush making experience, the long held tradition of German excellence is evident in every brush.

Wood Handles Finished to Perfection
The brush handles are made from locally grown wood. The raw wood is finished to a smooth perfection, then oiled to preserve and protect.

High Quality Wild Boar Bristles
With care and experience, only the best boar bristles in the world are chosen for the Desert Breeze Distributing hair brushes. These boars are raised for meat, but the bristles are saved for use in high quality brushes.

The first cut of the boar bristle is the most firm, and is the only cut we use. The root (follicle) of the bristle is gentle on the scalp and is a sign of a high quality brush. The photo at left shows bundles of boar bristles that have been cleaned, cut, and are ready to be made into brushes.

Boar Bristles from Small Farms
The boar bristles are not from factory farms, but come from special types of wild boars raised on small farms in rugged terrains and climate conditions. Supply is limited for these unique bristles, and is why they are more expensive than those from factory farms.

Why Boar Bristles are So Good for Hair

Not All Boar Bristles are the Same
Boar bristles vary between species, age of the animal, and the climates they are raised in. In the rugged climates the boar bristles originate for Desert Breeze Distributing brushes, the boars grow especially thick bristles.

The microscopic photo at far left shows a human hair (center), next to a bristle from a PW1 brush on the left (raised on the Tibet Plateau) and a bristle from the Calcutta brush on the right (raised in the highland of India). Both are from different types of wild boar, and produce high quality bristles for use in premium hair brushes.

Gentle on Hair
Boar bristles are good for hair because they are similar in structure. Like hair, boar bristles are made of keratin. As seen in the microscopic photo at left, the scales of a boar bristle from the PW1 brush closely resemble those of a human hair. These scales absorb the natural oils produced by the scalp, and distribute it gently down the hair shaft. Synthetic bristles cannot provide the same benefits of a quality boar bristle brush.

Over time, regular brushing with a boar bristle brush will have a powerful effect on the overall health of your scalp and hair, and will improve the texture and vibrancy from roots to hair ends.

Thick or Dense Hair

Medium Hair

Thin / Fine Hair

Long Hair

Wet Hair

Boar Bristle

Bristles are precision cut for staggered lengths (effilation) approximately 5/8” long, which allows the brush to grip hair down to the scalp (fine to medium thickness hair only). Precision spacing between the bristles allow brush to penetrate through fine hair types. PLEASE NOTE: the PW1 is recommended for those with thin short hair, as the bristles are softer and more flexible than the Calcutta bristles, and might not penetrate through thicker hair.
The handle of this beautifully crafted brush is made of oiled pear wood, grown locally in Germany. The wood has an engraved image of the butterfly — a symbol of the gentle and transforming powers of nature.
Pure boar bristles naturally condition hair, improve hair texture, and reduce the need for styling products. NOTE: Pure boar bristles are similar in structure to human hair, so like human hair, boar bristles are not anti-static. If static control is needed, smooth hair with palm of hand after each brush stroke, or spritz or apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner into hair before boar bristle brushing.
Crafted in Germany’s Black Forest at a family shop that’s been making high quality hairbrushes for over 100 years.