After moving and realizing I had more space for my beauty room and vanity area, I knew I wanted to find a larger more professional looking light up vanity mirror for makeup application and filming. This video is my unboxing and first impression/review of the Hollywood Glow XL Pro Vanity mirror. I hope this is helpful! If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments ☺

Update: I contacted the company and sent them photos of the small crack and bulbs (I had another one break on me, making two in total). After 24 hours of not receiving a response I contacted them via email again and then I received a phone call and email from the company apologizing for the delay in response, saying they were catching up. They offered to send me replacement bulbs for free and a small travel LED mirror to compensate for the damage (small crack) in the corner of the mirror. I said I wasn’t in need of another mirror so they were able to refund me the cost for shipping, which was $75. That was generous of them and I am happy with that solution.


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