When it comes to senior dating, women seem to have more issues than men. Women have a tendency to feel old and therefore not ready to go back into the dating world again. Their experiences in previous relationships also have more effect on them compared to men, hence they might feel uncomfortable or unwilling to date again. But because everyone deserves to be happy and to be loved for that matter, you should learn how to break from your comfort zone and give love a chance again. A few things might be all you need to do to start feeling confident again to find a new man you can date and have fun with.

1. Bury the thoughts of your ex. This is among the burdens that become emotionally heavy making it hard for you to become available to a man who is interested in you. Restrict your thought, every way you can about your ex and forget about whatever happened between you; both good and bad and you will be on your way an exciting new relationship.

2. Focus more on dating and having fun. You are over 50 and you have therefore been through it all in terms of sex and intimacy. Let dating be your major focus as you begin and let any other closeness come into play as the relationship thrives. Worrying too much about sex can hinder you from enjoying an otherwise good man or make behave rush thus ruining a potential relationship. Take things easy, no matter how sex deprived you may be feeling.

3. Do necessary wardrobe changes. As you get older you tend to become more conservative and this means that you definitely have a number of outfits that no longer flatter your feminine features. You can still find great decent outfits that show your best attributes in a way that you are comfortable with. A wardrobe change can also help you get over your ex and what they might have thought about your clothes. Donate them and get a new wardrobe slowly to boost your confidence and give you a fresh new start with your dating.

4. Get a makeover. It does not have to be anything major. You do not want to spend too much time in front of your mirror trying to hide your wrinkles, but neither do you want to look as though you no longer take care of yourself. A new hair cut might be all that you need to feel sexy and desirable again. If you must do any other makeup, go as minimal as possible so you do not appear stuck at a certain stage of life. A mini makeover is what you should think about and this could be as simple as a change of lip color only.

5. Get necessary dating help. If you are no longer confident with your dating skills, get help from trusted friends, family members or even therapists. A little help can go a long way in making the dating journey a success for you.

Source by Lyndon Ratcliffe Ogden