So, you went head on and let your passion consume you-now, the day after, you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to keep this encounter from becoming just a one night stand! Try these 7 tips that would make any man fall for you even after giving yourself to him:

Still, put your best foot forward

So what if it all started with physical attraction and sex? It doesn’t mean that your feelings won’t develop. As you wake up the next morning, make sure that you fix yourself and take a very good look in the mirror before you face him. Don’t scare him by letting him see your face in the morning, more so make him go back to sleep with your morning breath!

Put on a little makeup and-yeah, wear something this time!

Prepare a simple meal that you could share

Since it’s a whirlwind encounter, the morning after should be devoted to setting things in their proper perspective. Don’t overdo it by preparing him a breakfast in bed; instead, just prepare a simple meal that you both will enjoy. This will show him that you can cook and take care of him-which are major points that you would want to score!

Have an intelligent conversation

Don’t go beside this guy that you just met and start waking him up. Allow him to take things in his own time. If you have to wait for him to get up, then do so. Once he gets up, break the ice (once more) and start a great conversation. Feel the mental chemistry this time.

Appreciate him

Tell him that your first time in bed with him was great. After all, you’re both adults and feeling shy or awkward about the whole thing won’t help so just assure him that everything’s fine and you feel great. Your confidence should catch his attention and this will make him decide to get to know you better.

Don’t linger

Even though you’ve made love, this guy you just met also needs some time to think things through-just as you do. Don’t show him from the onset that you’re too clingy-this will only drive him away from you.

Expect nothing in return

You gave yourself willingly the other night so don’t expect him to commit all because something happened between you. Nonchalantly give him a hug (or a light kiss on his cheek) then go. This will make him feel that although he already had sex with you, that you’re still not that easy to get.

Be friends

If you don’t want this to be a one time, spur-of-the-moment act, then begin to befriend him. Show him that you are fun to be with and that having sex with you doesn’t guarantee that he already knows everything about you. Make him feel that there is more that he can conquer.

Source by Russell Jackson