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Hairbrushes are similar to sponges or carpets. They harbour a whole bunch of unwanted stuff. They trap hair (of course), dust, dirt, oils, old product and can even trap dust mites.

This is what really got me: each time you brush with an unclean hairbrush, you actually re-deposit grease, product, dust and dead skin cells back into your hair. Need a barf bag? Further, your brush smells and loses efficacy when it’s clogged up (no surprise there). If that is not motivation enough to clean your brushes, I don’t know what is!

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution since different brushes require different treatments. So, I’ve got below how to clean a plastic or metal paddle and round brush, how to clean a plastic or metal comb and how to clean a wooden brush with natural bristles (or a mix of nylon and natural)….

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