In this video, Julia from details how to choose the perfect sized vanity mirror to go with your bathroom vanity.

Transcription: Hi there, my name is Julia. I am with In today’s video, I wanted to give you a few pointers on how to choose the perfect size bathroom mirror to go along with your vanity.

Just a couple of rules of thumb. Generally speaking, you are going to want to stay at least an inch smaller on both sides than the total width of your vanity. Obviously you need to begin with measuring the countertop of your vanity. Stay at least one inch on each side. You can go smaller than that and the next thing you would need to take into consideration is any additional accessories.

An example would be, if you have intentions on putting sconce lights on either side of that mirror, then that mirror is going to be even smaller. You are going to need to take that into consideration.

In addition, is there going to be a back splash. That will help you look at what the total height of the mirror is and then are you going to have any outlets. That is also something that you’ll need to accommodate when you’re working with limited wall space.

One of the things to consider if you are going with a mirror that is smaller, this is actually a really good example. This mirror doesn’t necessarily go with this vanity from a style standpoint anyway, but it’s great for illustration purposes. This mirror is a few inches, it’s about four inches smaller on both sides and as you can see, this is just too small for this space. If there were sconce lights on either side of this, this mirror could be appropriate but the next challenge you have here is that this frame is too big. This is a very “frame-y” mirror and it takes away from the workable mirror, the actual mirror that you can use to get ready in the mornings. If you go with a mirror that is smaller, because you are going to be putting sconce lights on the sides, also go with a frame that is not this thick, because you want to have as much mirror available to you as possible.

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