The best female masturbation ideas, are often the most creative. So if you’re wondering what other women do behind closed doors, and how they get themselves off, here are some female self arousal tips that might inspire you to try something new.

Grinding On A Chair

Female self arousal can even be as easy as sitting on the edge of a chair or the corner of the couch where you can really create a great angle to stimulate your clitoris. Just sit on the edge and begin to rock back and forth. Maneuver your hips so you feel yourself connecting with that magic spot and just keep on going and going. This is also a great hands free position to leave you to stimulate your breasts, or even better if you are at your commuter looking at sexual images that will even further help to get you off.

Using A Pillow

A pillow is a great tool, for female self masturbation because as you become more aroused, it gives your legs something to grip on to which applies more wonderful pressure on your lady spot. Use it on the side to slowly rub against, ride it as if you are in cowgirl position, or place it between your legs as you lay on your stomach. The friction caused between your underwear and the pillow will bring a lovely warm and tingly glow to your vagina and with persistence and a few naughty thoughts can lead to a wonderful orgasm.

Using A Shower Head

One of the best female masturbation ideas is to use as detachable showerhead. It’s the perfect arousal tool, especially if it has different pressure settings. Before putting it between your legs, use it to relax, soothe and almost seduce yourself. Hold the showerhead in one hand and hold it at your forehead so the warm water fills your hair and then soaks down your back. Then hold it at the base of your skull so the water pushes at the back of your head, then slowly rub and massage this area. Trace the showerhead across your collarbones and sweep it across your chest, around your belly to your buttocks. Let the warm water run between your cheeks then rub it down your backside before every so slowly bringing it up in between your legs. Start with a slow pressure setting and just enjoy the feeling of the water soothing you in this area. If you have a ledge in your shower, prop your leg up and as the intensity builds, increase the pressure of the water.

Female Masturbation Toys

Sex toys are always wonderful fun, but they don’t have to necessarily come from a shop. Many women get pleasure from various household items that you may not have considered. From hair brushes acting as Dildo’s, electric toothbrushes acting as vibrators, to fine tooth combs or even mascara wands being used to stimulate clitoris’s. With a bit of imagination there are endless varieties of different kitchen utensils, or small plastic bottles that you can use to assist with stimulation.

Watch Yourself

One of the most indulgent female masturbation ideas is to watch yourself in the mirror. Many women find this an incredible turn on and it’s perfect to get you really, aroused. Use it to seduce yourself by performing a sexy hot strip dance or by watching you slowly tease your nipples in to arousal in some sexy lingerie. It can also be super hot to watch sex toys, or fingers flicker in and out and even hotter if you can watch yourself orgasm. Try it!

Add Stimulants

Adding sexual stimulates can also be an incredible turn on and lead to some very powerful orgasms. Try using a warming lubricant to add to sexual pleasure to give yourself a super tingly feeling between your legs and don’t forget your nipples! Self pleasure for women is always better when you fire up your top half as well as the bottom. Rub ice cubes on your nipples to heighten pleasure, or even try circling them with a chap stick, a sensation likened to the luscious lips of your lover.

Dial ‘O’ For Orgasm

Using your mobile phone for stimulation is one of the best female masturbation ideas, especially if you are not in the position to purchase a sex toy. Put it down your pants and hold it against your clitoris, or for the adventurous you can even insert it inside you, then enjoying phoning yourself over and over again!

Combine All Of The Above With Fantasy

All of these female masturbation ideas will work even better when you add the thrill of fantasy to the mix. View sexy images, watch some female friendly porn, or just imagine you are having sex with someone who will really, really turn you on. Just connect your mind to your body, and your hand to your clitoris!

Source by Jane L