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Fancii aura makeup mirror with led lightsFancii aura makeup mirror with led lights

fancii vanity mirror with natural lightsfancii vanity mirror with natural lights


At Fancii our mission is to make beauty routines easier, more effective, and even a bit more glamorous. We design lighted mirrors to eliminate Bad Beauty Lighting so you can feel confident and love the way you look.

See Yourself in the Best Light

Say hello to a new standard in lighted vanity mirror. The Aura is preloaded with light settings for outdoor, office, and evening, our mirror replicates the lighting in these environments, so you’ll feel confident with your makeup no matter the occasion!

Choose from three different LED color temperatures: soft warm (evening), neutral white (office), and natural daylight (outdoor).

Large distortion-free glass with true-to-life color corrected view

3 dimmable light settings: warm, neutral and natural daylight

1x and 15x dual magnification

Smart memory feature remembers your last used light setting

180-degrees horizontal & vertical rotation

Cosmetic storage tray

USB or battery operation

Fancii daylight led vanity mirrorFancii daylight led vanity mirror

Natural Daylight (6000 K)

All makeup artists agree natural daylight is the best for providing the most accurate reflection of your face. It’s evenly diffused and clear, so you can easily see when something isn’t blended properly.

If you plan on spending your day outside, our natural daylight lighting perfectly mimics this environment. A walk at the park or day at the beach? Whatever you may be doing outside, this setting has you covered to look your very best!

Neutral White (5000 K)

Neutral white is a bright lighting most often used in offices. If you spend your day working in an office, preparing your makeup in white neutral lighting is a must!

Fancii warm light vanity mirrorFancii warm light vanity mirror

Soft Warm (3500 K)

Warm light mimics night-time settings such as a dimly lit restaurant. With this light setting, you can rest assured you’ll look and feel great on date night!

Warm white light is also the most common lighting used in homes. So, if you plan on spending time inside a house after the sun has gone down, be sure to apply your makeup with this light setting.

Fancii daylight led vanity mirrorFancii daylight led vanity mirror

Natural Daylight

Neutral White

Fancii warm light vanity mirrorFancii warm light vanity mirror

Warm White

fancii 15x magnifying makeup mirrorfancii 15x magnifying makeup mirror

See Every Detail

Two magnification options ensure that every detail of your hair and makeup is perfect. The 1x mirror is great for viewing your overall look while the powerful 15x detachable mirror is suitable for close-up work.

fancii adjustable makeup mirror with lights

fancii adjustable makeup mirror with lights

Cordless vanity makeup mirror

Cordless vanity makeup mirror

fancii vanity mirror with lights

fancii vanity mirror with lights

Highly Adjustable

Complete angle coverage via 180-degree front to back tilt with 180-degree horizontal rotation. Multiple angle options ensure optimal viewing and allow you to check your hair and makeup from any perspective.

Cordless & Portable

The mirror is powered by 4 AA batteries or an included USB cable which you can plug into a powerbank, laptop or wall adapter. Easily detach the base from the mirror and pack away for your next holiday.

Sleek Modern Design

Our stylish mirror with gorgeous chrome inlays measures 32 cm tall by 18 cm wide, sitting elegantly on any table, vanities or countertop. The base tray conveniently stores makeup, tweezers, hair accessories, and more.

★ Adjustable Light Settings ★ 2x brighter and more color correct than the average. Choose from soft warm, neutral white, and natural daylight. 3 dimmable light settings simulate day, evening, and home, so you can feel confident wherever you are.
★ Exceptional Clarity ★ Large, distortion-free glass with 1x and 15x dual magnification – 1x normal view is ideal for makeup application while the detachable 15x magnifying mirror is perfect for close up work and tweezing.
★ Maximum Adjustability ★ 180-degree swivel provides both horizontal and vertical rotation for optimum use at any angle, so you can look your very best!
★ Travel Ready ★ Power with the included USB cable or go cord free with 4 AA batteries, making it the perfect travel companion for any woman.
★ Cosmetic Stand ★ Our stylish, modern mirror with chrome trim measures 12.5” tall and 7” wide so it stands elegantly on any table or countertop. The storage base holds small makeup accessories and jewelry.