As one picks out tattoo designs, there are factors that are usually considered – the effect of the tattoo, the right body part, and the meaning. Dolphins are among the most favored tattoo designs. It is not just the image that inspires one to have this type of design but also the meaning it projects. What makes this unique and well-liked?

Dolphins are known to be intelligent sea creatures that are mostly seen in water circuses as tamed and educated animals. Although they are categorized as tamed animals, but it does not mean that they are more feminine in perception. That is why their unique appearance and somewhat mysterious upshot captures the curiosity and appreciation of various individuals from tattoo lovers to artists. In fact, there are paper weights, earrings, pendants, key chains, bangles and other figurines that are inspired by dolphins. This is also the very reason why it has been one of the most liked designs for tattoos that can be drawn to both male and female.

The elegance it shows when it is drawn with an arc is truly fascinating. Also, the blending colors of blue and gray add up to the coolness of the effect. There are illustrations where there are two dolphins seemingly swimming together one overlapping each other. This image projects the sense of togetherness and accord that is suited for committed people. Another presentation is of two figures with beaks touching that would look like a heart from afar. Obviously this would denote love for someone.

The meanings of the dolphin are mainly about serenity, grace, intelligence, peaceful living, and harmony. These qualities are mostly related to their way of life. Somehow, the very same idea is represented with the dolphin tattoo. Although the sharks are vicious looking and appear more masculine, nonetheless this type of drawing is also preferred by the male tattoo enthusiasts. The type of design for either gender will just vary on its engravings and forms. Not to mention the sentimental reason behind the likeness to the picture that motivates one to have it tattooed. This tattoo is commonly engraved in the arm, chest, and back.

Source by Jamie T. Harvey