Hey Bargain Family! You guys got my last Dollar Tree Vanity Mirror video to 6,000 likes! I wanted to thank you all by creating another one. The lights with this mirror are different than the first ones I used. These actually light your face better than the push lights. I also show you how to decorate this one. In total this mirror cost me $13 to make because I had batteries, glue and scissors already. If you don’t have the batteries, this will cost you $16. If you need glue and scissors, $18. That’s if you decide to buy your glue and scissors from Dollar Tree. I hope you guys enjoy! I’m aiming for 1,000 likes on this video. If I can get to 1,000 likes, I will attempt making a Vanity Mirror for around $30 using items that are a little bit of a better quality. It won’t be Dollar Tree items though. If that sounds like something you’d wanna see, give the video a thumbs up! Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe. Join the Bargain Family!

Products Used:
Foam Board
8 Led Lights (needs AAA batteries to light up)
Quick Cover Sticker Adhesive
2 Packs of Rhinestones