I have another version of this makeup desk with a “Free PDF file” with all the measurements attached to my other video and its an easier and way cheaper vanity to make..feel free to check it out here:

DIY Vanity with Dimmer LED & Phone charger Outlet plus a hidden compartment behind mirror – ( Includes Electrical Diagram )


Wood Prep 0:03
Electrical Prep 2:15
Wiring 4:36
Electrical Diagram 8:16
Back Cover 8:44
Paint Prep 9:44
Swinging Mirror Door 10:28
Final Touches 13:19

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?Supply used for this build?

?Dewalt Tools (recommended)? They are the most durable I’ve had mine for over 5 years still running great!

?New Bluetooth Dimmer ?

?USB charger plus outlet?

?LED bulb 6 pack? The Best Deal Online

?Round Bulb Sockets (10 pack)? Save money when you buy in a bundle

?Romex 12/2 Wire Three Color?

✂Wire Cutters ✂ I upgraded to these Irvings

?Wire Terminal Connectors?

✒Wire Twist Caps ✒

?Outlet wall plates? Good Price

?Thank You!

?Materials needed for Build?Prices vary in each store so did not include costs?
3.) Sheets of plywood (recommend 3/4 inch thick sanded finish)
+ They can pre-cut at hardware store turning the 4’x8′ plywood into a 3’x6′ + 3’x2′ & 1’x8′
7.) Drawer slides
9.) Drawer pulls
1.) Large Mirror 24 inch x 36 inch
1.) Large Glass Table Top 49 inch x 15 inch (optional but found cheap in local yard sales page)
2.) Hinges for Mirror Door
1.) Magnet Stop for Mirror Door
1.) Wall Light Dimmer
1.) Wall USB Outlet
2.) Wall Plate Covers
13.) White Round Lamp Sockets
13.) 40 watt LED Light bulbs
2.) Wire Rolls, (1.)White & (1.) Black- (Green is optional)
1.) 100 count Wire Crimp Jar
1.) 3 Prong Heavy Duty Cord
1.) 25 count Twist on Wire Connectors
1.) Box of 1 and a 1/4 inch screws
1.) Box of 2 inch screws
1.) Tube of White DAP Acrylic Caulk and Silicone Fast Dry Paint Ready
1.) Gallon of Paint (+ special finish /optional)
(I used spare pieces of wood I had for creating organized separations in drawers)

Hello, this video contains a Diy build lights mirror storage vanity made up of wood and paint. Mostly used for makeup storage units maybe also in bathroom vanities or a shed. I included lamp sockets. I have a background in construction and building, so I made this project bright enough to replicate a ring light philips hue. These are mostly hollywood led lights , similiar to mahogany fairy lights or even capitol bathroom mirrors and ceiling lights.

Features include USB charging station for iPhone, android, and samsung phone charger.
Secret hidden compartments for extra organization. The light fixtures extends to full length of desk with mirror (wall mirror / door mirror). I love woodworking and buying from amazon and home depot. This at first was a wooden box when I stared which I improved by using caulk, screw, nail, cut saw, drill ,tools and glue. I built this in my garage shop , I love to create side hustle gigs and sometimes even as a gift, surprise, or unique present.

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