Hello friends!
In today’s tutorial we will be making an intermediate macrame keychain. I say intermediate because it’s almost entirely diagonal clove hitch knots and I know how tricky those can be when starting out. But don’t worry, I’ve also made a very slow, step by step tutorial on those knots, where I share all of my tips and tricks and how to get them just right! Here is a link to that video:

Here is a link for the gathering knot:

When the keychain is done it measures 7in/18cm in length, and 1.5in/3.5cm wide.

Here is a link to the exact cord I used:

Make sure to cute extra cord if you are not using this exact cord as many companies varies drastically in size!

Here is What I used:
-1.25in/3cm swivel clasp keyring (Amazon)
-3mm braided cotton cord cut to 4 x 48in/122cm

I’m also on Instagram @soulful__notions (2 underscores) if you want to show me your work there!