Full instructions on how to make a light up vanity mirror from scratch. You can find these Hollywood style Lighted Vanity mirrors online for close to $500 USD! I managed to complete this project for about $150 USD. I saved some money by purchasing older bathroom light fixtures at a thrift store and removed the light fixtures to re-purpose them in my project. I used LED bulbs and added a dimmable light switch.

The completed size with frame is 42.5″ wide x 30.5″ high, with a depth of 2″ (actual mirror is 32″ wide x 24″ high). The completed project weight is about 19.5 pounds.

If you have basic woodworking and electrical skills I would rate this at a skill level of a 3 out of 5 (1 easy, 5 expert). You will be wiring light fixtures with lamp cord and will need to follow electrical standards. I explained as much of the process within the instructions.

If you are not comfortable working with electrical wiring, get some help. Be safe!!

0:15 – Tools
0:18 – Supplies
0:35 – Step 1 Cut Frame
0:53 – Step 2 Cut for Light Switch
1:22 – Step 3 Cut for mirror channel
1:57 – Step 4 Attach frame with poker hole jig
3:52 – Step 5 Drill holds for light sockets
4:57 – Step 6 Attach edge trim
6:44 – Paint
6:58 – Step 7 Light socket bracket
8:58 – Step 7a Mount light fixtures to frame
11:15 – Step 7b Wiring lights
13:31 – Step 8 Install switch box
14:56 – Step 9 Wiring switch box
18:09 – Step 10 Installing Mirror and hanging brackets
20:14 – You did it! Now some bloopers ?

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