Such a lovely mirror, it’s trifold and size is not so big/not too small (9-1/2″ x 13-5/8″), when folded it is 9-1/2″ x 7-1/4″. Perfect size for me! It has 2x/3x/10x magnification mirror except 10x is detachable. The magnification of 2x magnification mirror is on top, 3x is at the bottom and you hang 10x on the upper right side. You can also attach it in the middle but usually it should be on the upper right side. The mirror is adjustable up to 180 degrees and it has 24 pcs of LED lights, 12 pcs on each side. It has dual power supply from USB to 4 pcs of AAA batteries. Power button is on the lower part of the biggest mirror so just press that to turn on the lights. It has a storage tray at the bottom which is also the stand; I put my lipstick, jewelry or anything small on this part. The mirror stand is very stable, design is very cute and love that it’s white color. They also have black color of this but I prefer white. So far it’s more than just 5 star! LOVE IT!!! @bestope