Hair is considered to be our crowning glory. Whatever we do to our hair will directly affect our overall appearance. Hairstyles could also help you to achieve a certain look or personality. During pageants, candidates are trying to impress the crowd and the judges with the way they look and because of this, they need to consider the hairstyle that they will use.

Aside from preparing for the clothes to wear or for the talent portion, a beauty pageant contestant should also consider planning her hairstyle. A pageant’s dressing room is usually small and you can’t afford to bring a makeup artist with you. Because of this, you need to learn to apply makeup and do your hair by yourself. It would be better to practice making the hairstyle even before the pageant so that you are already used to do it alone. This will also allow you to come out with a better result rather than doing the hairstyle during the pageant night itself.

Not all hairstyles will work for everybody. There might be instances that the hairstyle you see on celebrities or magazines will not have the same effect on you. Hairstyle effect may vary according to a person’s face shape. Keep in mind that in choosing a hairstyle, make sure that it will show your best features. Do not choose a hairstyle that will accentuate your flaws. As a tip, try out different hairstyles at home and look at yourself in the mirror. Aside from having a personal judgment whether the hairstyle you chose suits you or not, ask for family members or friends to judge your chosen hairstyle.

Another tip in choosing a hairstyle is that you need to make sure that you are comfortable with it. Some hairstyles may prohibit you from walking around comfortably and it might give an awkward impression. Remember that even if your hairstyle looks superb, but you don’t feel at ease with it, everything will be affected. Your overall projection during the pageant will be affected as well. Try to walk around with your heels in your chosen hairstyle. Check if you feel as if your hair will down on your face any minute. By doing this, you can make necessary adjustments with the number of hairpins or the length of your hair.

Aside from the things mentioned above, you should also consider the clothes to wear. Not all hairstyles suit certain clothing. Because of this, try your hairstyle while wearing all the clothes that you plan to wear during the pageant. Check if the hairstyle will match your clothes and if it will not ruin the elegance of your gown. Make sure that your hairstyle will blend with the clothes and look that you are aiming for.

Lastly, choose a hairstyle that is not too unique for someone else’s taste. All contestants may aim to standout among the rest of the candidates but make sure that you will not exaggerate yourself from being unique. Don’t go for weird hairstyles that will make you look funny. A simple and well-done hairstyle would be better especially if it will be able to create harmony with your overall appearance.

Source by Tiffany Hansenn