I have been wanting a Hollywood Vanity styled mirror for so long but did not feel like spending $400 so my mom and my dad said they would help me build one! The supplies that I used will all be listed below. I AM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN! We called my grandpa and he helped us with the electrical part (after we blew a fuse) and he told us what we did wrong (we should have called him before we started…oops!)

If you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to ask!

Everything to make the mirror only came out to be around $135!!!

Products Used:
24′” by 30″ mirror from Home deopt
30″ by 42″ piece of wood for the front
Bath Bar Light fixtures from Home depot (4 lights per side)
60 watt daylight light bulbs
Primer paint for the wood
White Semi-Gloss paint
Electrical wire from Home depot (idk what kind it was, I explained to the guy what I was making and he just got me all the electrical things i needed)
Light Switch
Switch Plate
Liquid Nails (to attach the mirror. LET THE LIQUID NAILS DRY OVERNIGHT!!! I learned that the hard way 🙁 it doesn’t dry in like two hours like I wanted it to haha)

Also, I did NOT attach the front piece of the lights because I didn’t think it was necessary. Also, when you center your mirror and lights on the wood, make sure you draw around the corners of the mirror so you know where to put the mirror later… Even after you paint it try to remember where the lines were.

If you have any questions just write them down below and I’ll make sure to get back to you!

Thank you so much for watching!


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